Topic: History

I’m On My Way! Black Mothers and the Great Migration

Service Description:

Adrienne will reflect on what she continues to learn about her own mother’s difficult journey out of the South in the 1940’s and 50’s. Determination, grit, faith, music, and the support of other migrants helped stay the course. Happy Mother’s Day!

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For over 40 years, Adrienne … read more.

First Light Flashback

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Join us for this special performance of native history and culture by Annawon Weeden. Weeden explains that “Wampanoag means ‘People of the First Light’ due to our geographic location as the furthest eastern tribe,” and “First Light Flashback” explores the narrative and experience of the … read more.

Nights of the Yuletide Goddesses

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Let’s take a moment of quiet amidst the pre-Christmas frenzy (and travel back a couple thousand years) to tap deep into the legends and rituals of the darkest time of year. Just before the solstice (December 13th in the Julian calendar), Lussinatta (Lussi’s Night) was … read more.

Holding History: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

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Story is an essential element of our individual lives. And story is central to the life of a friendship, a partnership, and a family. As our connections widen, story affects the lived reality of our communities, our nation, and our one living planet. The … read more.

A Celebration of Women's Day

David Graber will discuss a selection of women who have endured and excelled in various areas over the centuries.

David is a long time member of First Parish Universalist Church of Stoughton. He and his wife Arlene live in Stoughton and have been members of the … read more.