As Unitarian Universalists, we come together based on a set of principles and values that are central to our lives, rather than a shared specific religious belief. We believe in the importance of living our values in the world, and we respect the variety of spiritual beliefs within First Parish Stoughton and in the world around us. Though community, we help each other learn, grow, and deepen the practice of our principles.

  1. We help each other value the dignity & worth of all people.

  2. We help each other treat everyone with fairness & compassion

  3. We help each other grow spiritually through observation & questioning.

  4. We help each other explore new ideas & perspectives.

  5. We help each other ensure that all have a say in matters that concern them.

  6. We help each other strive for a world community of peace, liberty & justice.

  7. We help each other learn from & care for our planet’s interdependent web of life.N

  8. NEW! Principle #8 being discussed and considered: Help each other take action against racism and other oppressions.

Each week, a member of the Social & Climate Action Committee brings attention to one of our Unitarian Universalist Principles and how it is being enacted at First Parish, in our larger community, or in our wider world.

Date….……..Principle…..Example in Action……….………………..
9/11/22#6How the world has changed since 9/11/2001
9/18/22#5UU the Vote
9/25/22#8The UU 8th Principle
10/30/22#4Food Justice: Growing a Healthier Community through Art exhibit at Fuller Craft Museum