We are a lay-led Unitarian Universalist community in the heart of Stoughton, MA.

Being “Lay-Led” means that we do not employ a staff minister. Instead, we utilize the knowledge and experience of our members, along with invited guest speakers, to lead our Sunday Services and other First Parish activities.

Being Unitarian Universalist means that we include people with a variety of faith beliefs, including humanist, agnostic, and athiest members. As UU’s, we do not have a prescribed set of beliefs and we do not believe that there is only one way of truth. We follow a set of 7 Principles that guide our lives, our relationships, and our actions.

Being a community means that we have chosen to come together because it is easier to navigate the challenges of our lives, and our quest to be our best selves, when we have support around us. Our community includes people with diverse backgrounds, diverse identities, and we range in age from children to elders.

Being in the heart of Stoughton means that we take our community role very seriously. We conduct good works in behalf of Stoughton and surrounding areas; we host community events on our front lawn; we rent space to local groups for meetings and events; and we invite the people of Stoughton to join us for worship services, educational activities, and socializing events.