As we say as part of our standard chalice lighting: “We gather together for sharing and worship, to find peace and strength for daily life.” We come together weekly to be inspired and supported; to learn and to teach; to think and to act.

Our services are at 10:30am most of the year and at 9:30am during the summer. Sometimes (approximately once a month, often on a holiday weekend) we join together with other local UU congregations in the 5-Points Cluster for a shared service. Be sure to check the location of the upcoming service in case we aren’t in Stoughton that weekend.

We have nursery care for children age 4 and under. Children age 5 and above are invited to join us in the service. When we have a special kids’ activity, they will leave part-way through the service to do that together.

Our services include times of silent meditation/reflection/prayer, louder times of song and music, words of wisdom from many sources, and a time for anyone present to share joys & concerns with the gathered community.

Following worship service, we have Coffee, Tea, and Conversation in our Fellowship Hall.

For more information about logistics like parking, see the Visiting Us page.