If our parking lot is full, there is street parking on Pleasant Street, as well as two nearby lots with public spaces:

  • Across Pleasant Street at the Stoughton Recreation Department
  • Next to our front lawn (the lot at the corner of Washington & Freeman Streets)

Sunday Services

If you are coming for a Sunday Service, you can enter through the front doors, the back door, or the elevator entrance on the side (Pleasant Street).

If you enter through the front, you will be facing the sanctuary. If you enter through the back door, come upstairs, then to the left. (Or go downstairs if you want the nursery, the religious ed. room, or the restrooms.)

Office Hours/ Events/ Meetings

If you are coming at a time other than Sunday morning, the back entrance (through the parking lot) is likely to be the door that’s unlocked.

The office and other small meeting spaces are upstairs. Fellowship Hall (large meeting space), kitchen, kids’ rooms, and restrooms are downstairs.

Elevator Accessibility

The elevator-accessible entrance is on the Pleasant Street side, next to the Community Cabinet. The elevator has to be operated from the inside so please call the church office or let someone know to come inside and open that door.