ONLINE: Dovey Johnson Roundtree: U.S. Army Captain, Civil Rights Warrior, Beloved Reverend… “Miss Dovey” to me!

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Service Description:

“Dovey Johnson Roundtree: U.S. Army Captain, Civil Rights Warrior, Beloved Reverend… ‘Miss Dovey’ to me!” – Adrienne Williams

Description: On May 27, 1918, the Sunday Today Show’s regular segment, “A Life Well Lived” showcased Dovey Johnson Roundtree”, a woman who had been a lifelong friend of my mother’s. “Miss Dovey” was a chosen family member, loved by me, my brother and grandmother, as well. As a young child I knew little about her life and career, other than she was a lawyer. That day, in 1918, I learned that Miss Dovey was a national treasure and unsung warrior for Justice, Peace, Civility and Love. thank author Katie McCabe for bringing Miss Dovey’s full story to light through books and articles The sermon will include excerpts from the book “Mighty Justice: My Life in Civil Rights” Roundtree and McCabe, 2019. I will also share a few fond, personal memories of this heroic woman.

Bio: Adrienne Williams’s 45 year career has focused on serving the needs of at-risk children, youth and their families. Her experiences as an educator, youth advocate, national trainer/consultant, resulted in opportunities to lead in regional and national child, youth, and family-centered organizations.

Seeking post-retirement volunteer opportunities in 2017, Adrienne found a perfect fit as a cast member in Dr. Thea Iberall’s play, “We Did It for You! : Women’s Journey Through History”. The show continues to go on, to educate and empower young women and girls, and to encourage All to voice their choice for the good of All.

Adrienne is also a member of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Middleboro, and a Founding Member of the Unitarian Universalist Massachusetts Action Network.

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