Holding History: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Service Description:

Story is an essential element of our individual lives. And story is central to the life of a friendship, a partnership, and a family. As our connections widen, story affects the lived reality of our communities, our nation, and our one living planet. The stories we tell about our past inform the stories we tell about our future. Those stories will create the word we live in and become history. We will explore the battle for control of the history of the US and the power of story as a dynamic force for personal and social change. 
“…The world changes according to the way people see it, and if you alter, even by a millimeter, the way…people look at reality, then you can change it.”  — James Baldwin

Another quote: “In America there is a dominant story that succeeds in masking the true or complete narrative. America’s story is one of kidnapping, injustice, economic exploitation, and bitter hatred, but the story that we privilege is one of triumph, victory, necessity … This story has been perpetuated during the course of American history and a new chapter needs to be written, which tells the story in a way that does not privilege one truth over the other… Everyone has a responsibility to add to this story.”  — Sha Jackson, ComingToTheTable.org

Speaker Bio:

Norah Dooley is a storyteller, educator, critically acclaimed children’s author, and the creator and project director of StoriesLive.org, She has taught thousands of high school students and others the value of their personal stories. She is booked in K-12 schools by Young Audiences of Massachusetts and is a Nationally Credentialed Teaching Artist through Young Audiences, USA. Norah teaches storytelling for Social Justice at Lesley University and has taught storytelling at Tufts, Suffolk, and Boston Universities and in Japan, India, and Tanzania. Norah is a union and climate justice activist and steward for adjunct professors on her campus with SEIU 509. 

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