Nights of the Yuletide Goddesses

Service Description:

Let’s take a moment of quiet amidst the pre-Christmas frenzy (and travel back a couple thousand years) to tap deep into the legends and rituals of the darkest time of year. Just before the solstice (December 13th in the Julian calendar), Lussinatta (Lussi’s Night) was observed, and before Christmas Eve, there was Modrenacht (Mothers’ Night). Learn about yuletide goddesses who pre-date the Virgin Mary but whose stories bring new wisdom into our holiday celebrations. Members of the Worship Committee will offer contemplation on the theme of stillness.

Speaker Bio:

This service will be led by Jasmine Tanguay and the Worship Committee.

NOTE: This service will meet in person and also be broadcast on Zoom. We ask that people attending in person wear a face mask to help protect the most vulnerable in our community. Please attend online if you are experiencing COVID symptoms or if you have been in close contact with someone who has recently tested positive for COVID.

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