May 2020: Thresholds

Dear Friends,

I’ve never been comfortable writing – much of anything. I’ve always been more of a numbers guy, the stereotypical introvert, nerd-type…so with the deadline for this month’s Message From The Board looming, I cringed at the thought of taking this on, but finally agreed…so here it goes…

Our theme for this month is thresholds. My first thoughts of thresholds conjured up visions of kids playing with a Ouija Board trying to speak to spirits – those that have passed and are on the other side, and lovers passing over the threshold of a new house to begin a new life together.

In considering thresholds that FPUC has passed through over the years, I think of the loss of church elders and how we take lessons learned and adapt them to this new and changing world. Other things that come to mind are major events, such as the burning of the church in 1966, along with the rebuilding and transformation that followed. The inception of Community Outreach Programing (COP) that brought us a new minister and church funded community programs for decades, the recent hiring of a young, inexperienced, female minister with fresh ideas and challenges, becoming a Welcoming Congregation, and the recent decision to become a lay-led congregation. The threshold we sit upon now due to the Pandemic and how we intend to proceed in the future.

When encountering thresholds, we often speak of “passing through” them. But what if the true invitation to a threshold is not to successfully move from here to there, but instead to sit and pause? What if we saw thresholds as resting places rather than as those moving walkways that transport us through airports? What if they were the proverbial “Fork in the Road”, except with a bench – a place of contemplation and decision making. 

Our church Bylaws are written (rightfully so) such that church leadership is required to change every so many years, and that time is upon us – another threshold! The Board of Trustees is currently made up of several talented, passionate, loving, people that are motivated and care deeply about this congregation. However, we need additional leaders in this church not only to administer the business of the church, but also to help decide a direction, and (without a minister for guidance) to assure that our mission is implemented and vision is crafted into reality. With that, I ask that you take pause on this threshold, and consider becoming a representative of this caring, spiritual growing, justice seeking, community serving, abundantly loving congregation, by joining the leadership as a member of the Board of Trustees.

I am truly honored to have served this congregation as president and look forward to supporting our new leaders as we move over this threshold and onto others.


David Hudson, President – On behalf of the Board of Trustees