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Statement Against Racism and Call to Action

The First Parish of Stoughton decries the killings and other mistreatment of Black Indigenous People of Color by police and other law enforcement personnel in the United States. We recognize that dismantling systemic racism and white supremacy will take a concerted effort of changing policies … read more.

June 2020: Compassion

The Hard Work of Compassion
A couple of days before I learned that this month’s theme was “compassion,” my sister had sent me a message about combating “compassion fatigue.” She is a veterinarian in Texas and has struggled with how to stay positive when having to euthanize … read more.

April 2020: Liberation

Dear Friends,

Our theme for this month is liberation.  If I’m being honest, when I first figured this out, I couldn’t help but laugh a little and roll my eyes. Liberation? Now? As we’re all sitting in our respective homes, avoiding contact with others at all … read more.

COVID-19 Announcement 3/7/20

Dear First Parish Stoughton Community,

We are aware that the COVID-19 virus is on everyone’s minds at the present time. The First Parish Board and others in our congregation are paying attention to this issue and making decisions based on best practice recommendations from local and … read more.

March 2020: Wisdom

Dear Friends,

The theme for services during the month of March is Wisdom. March is also the start of our annual pledge drive so over the next month or so, you will hear brief statements from members of First Parish to hear what the congregation means … read more.

Common Read 2020

An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States

This year, in conjunction with the UUA Common Read, First Parish members are reading An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States. We will be holding discussion groups about this important topic. These discussions are open to … read more.

February 2020: Resilience

Dear Friends,
We are dedicating the month of February to the theme of resilience, and I can think of no better theme for us at this moment. The Soul Matters Circle introduction challenges us to rethink our conception of resilience as a trait that we cultivate … read more.