March 2022: Renewing Faith

It’s been a long couple of years coming through this COVID-19 pandemic! Our hustle bustle lives of go-go-go with little to no boundaries came to a…. whoa…wait… what?! A shutdown! Really, in this 21st century? Crazy! Really? What a reality check! A virus from the other side of the world shut down the United States of America… shut down the world as we knew it!

We’ve maneuvered our way through by existing in isolation in our households with mad hand washing, sanitizing, and masking out in our communities. We checked on and cared for family and friends from a distance…talking from outside windows and doors, no touching, delivering groceries to doorsteps behind emotionless masks. FaceTime and Zoom certainly helped to connect us and allowed us to socialize and to affirm we were all in this pandemic together! Zooming Sunday services, even though very different from sitting in the sanctuary, has allowed us to experience some light amongst the darkness, deepen spiritually, build faith, and provide some normalcy in our lives. We welcomed social distancing to be able to safely gather with family and friends, first outdoors and eventually indoors. A step back into society…being physically together. Then to vaccinate or not to vaccinate? Infection rates up and then gratefully down! Talk of the pandemic transitioning toward an endemic brings feelings of excitement and some apprehension with mask requirements being lifted in schools and more establishments.

We have certainly been challenged throughout this pandemic. With each change, we’ve had to trust and have faith in ourselves, family, friends, coworkers, communities, and government that we would do our best to keep one another safe. First Parish’s Board continues to review and discuss the current CDC and state recommendations monthly to determine the best path for our community.

Although there has been no script for how to handle the unfolding situations, at times, we’ve had to ride the waves of this pandemic with the hope that what we were doing was the right thing.

With spring upon us and the waning of the pandemic, there is no better time for Renewing Faith.

Heidi Hudson
on behalf of the Board of Trustees