Statement Against Racism and Call to Action

The First Parish of Stoughton decries the killings and other mistreatment of Black Indigenous People of Color by police and other law enforcement personnel in the United States. We recognize that dismantling systemic racism and white supremacy will take a concerted effort of changing policies and procedures, within law enforcement, healthcare, education, housing, business, and other social systems. Many disparities have already been identified within these systems, where BIPOC individuals and communities have statistically more challenges and poorer outcomes than white individuals and communities. There are many scholars and activists who have identified ways to change these systems to make them equitable to all.

The First Parish of Stoughton Board of Trustees encourages all members of our community to deepen your knowledge of systemic racism, through self-education and conversations with others who support this goal, and strengthen your commitment to use your time, your financial contributions, and your political power to support actions that dismantle racism locally, state-wide, nationally, and globally.

The Social Action Committee has posted our commitment to anti-racism work, and how it aligns with our Unitarian Universalist values, along with a list of resources for self-education and action.