Speaker: Rev. Laura Randall


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In many ways, the story of Easter is the story of a community rejecting the ruling imperial narrative of death and oppression in favor of a new way of being in the world. What can we learn about renewal from early Christians, the rebirth of … read more.

Making Room

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The collective trauma of the pandemic has left all of us in need of space to process and time to heal. As we approach the winter solstice, a time of stillness and reflection, how can we help offer this for ourselves and others? 

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As … read more.

ONLINE: Love, Community, and Getting Free

NOTE: Due to the current health safety protocols, this service will be conducted online using Zoom, not meeting in person. We recommend people connect around 10:15 to work out any connection issues and say hello before the service starts.

Join Zoom Meeting (online – computer, tablet, … read more.