October 2020: Deep Listening

Hello all!

As we head into October of 2020, I seem to be settling in on the new ways of living since COVID. My daughter is back to school, and that has been an interesting challenge to figure out how all of that will work; and, of course, church is back in full swing; and we are continuing to do our services via Zoom at this time.

This is a unique year for me in regard to moving outside my comfort zone and joining the Board of Trustees and the Worship Committee. This is all new to me, and I am learning as I go. It is very exciting to be part of the planning and decision making for First Parish as we are beginning a very different way of having church services since we are now lay led. I see so many opportunities in this new way in regard to hearing from all sorts of different people with all sorts of different backgrounds. There are opportunities to lead a service on a topic that I am passionate about. I can participate by being the Worship Associate, or I can be the Zoom tech person.

I want to be sure that everyone knows that these are opportunities for EVERYONE and that the Worship Committee will be available for guidance and support. Is there a subject that you know a lot about and you feel would be an interesting and inspirational subject for a service? Reach out to the Worship Committee and let us know what you are thinking!

Looking forward to a fantastic fall!


Tricia Whiffen
on behalf of the Board of Trustees