March 2021: Commitment

Why does First Parish exist if not to meet the needs we have? What opportunities does this space create by dint of just being here? Life offers us the opportunity to be creative, to be busy, to use our talents through work, through friendships, and through our free time. What is different about being part of a community with an actual building? Aside from the obvious joys of fellowship, I think supporting and being part of a church adds validity and power to my values. We gather out of a shared set of values.

First Parish exists to move the world to a better place. Prior to the events of the past few years, the UU seven principles seemed like obvious truths that were pretty well accepted. How could anyone in this day and age oppose any one of them? And yet there continues to be a populist movement that rejoices in doing just that. Sure, democracy is fragile, but who would have thought that treating each other with decency was a fragile idea? If the seven UU principles resonate with you, you are in the right place. You can certainly sit by yourself and groove on ideals of fairness, equity, and a search for what is true, but this effort has a better chance of actually changing the world if you join with others pulling in the same direction. That is a big reason why First Parish exists.

First Parish exists to move the world to a better place, By giving its members space to explore who they are, how they interact with life’s unexplainable events, and how others may be experiencing the world, we foster wisdom. Involvement in an open community gives people a chance to move beyond themselves through shared experiences. The anxiety that isolation brings can relax a bit.

How can First Parish meet your needs? The Board of Trustees invites all members of First Parish to our upcoming meeting on the morning of Sunday, March 14. Let us build back better. We want to hear how First Parish can help your light shine.

Eric Studer
on behalf of the Board of Trustees