January 2021: Imagination

What do you think of when you hear the word imagination?

Does it bring you to your youth and make you think of magical places where you were the dragon slayer? Or the damsel locked away in a castle?

 Does it bring you to a place when you played dress-up and pretended to be someone who you wanted to be in your future self?

Does it bring you to a time in your youth when just walking in the woods became an adventure? This happened to me as my three-year-old grandson and I were walking in the woods at the end of my road. As we followed a path, we had to stomp on thorns that grew in the brush. He told me that we were super-heroes that stomped out the bad thorns – we were the conquerors. I love the imagination of a three-year -old!

Does the word imagination bring you to a place of uncertainty where it feels a little scary?

Does it bring you to a brighter future?
As I look at imagination this month, I think about how we, as a church group, are in the stages where imagination is key to creating something new and different. I think that we  can look at the past to see what worked well and what did not as we build our future together. We just need to use our imagination — the first step to creating this new reality.
Where does imagination bring you?
Brenda Neagle
on behalf of the Board of Trustees