Extended Book Discussions (Monthly)

Last year, First Parish Stoughton members read An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States as part of the UUA Common Read. We held two book discussions during the summer and decided that this winter we would do a deeper read of the text, with monthly discussion groups to cover two chapters each month. This will allow us more time to process the historical information as well as think about how we bring about changes for the present and future.

Starting in January 2021, we will hold monthly facilitated discussion groups, one on Saturday evening, one on Monday evening (the same content in each group, we are holding them at two different times to accommodate different schedules).

Note: Chapter Titles below are from the Young People’s edition. You can read either the standard version or the young people’s adaptation. The content and general topics are similar in both versions.

  • January 9th / 11th:  Introduction:This Land & Chapter 1: Follow the Corn
  • February 13th / 15th: Chapter 2: Culture of Conquest & Chapter 3: Cult of the Covenant
  • March 13th / 15th: Chapter 4: Bloody Footprints & Chapter 5: The Birth of a Nation
  • April 10th / 12th: Chapter 6: Jefferson, Jackson, and the Pursuit of Indigenous Homelands & Chapter 7: Sea to Shining Sea
  • May 8th / 10th: Chapter 8: Indigenous Lands become “Indian Country” & Chapter 9: The Persistence of Sovereignty
  • June 12th / 14th: Chapter 10: Indigenous Action / Indigenous Rights & Conclusion:  “Water is Life”, Indigenous Resistance in the Twenty-First Century

Groups will meet on Zoom. Meeting ID: 996 6175 7771

email SocialAction@FirstParishStoughton.org for the password