“Poetry Sunday”, hosted by Foxborough Universalist Church

This service is hosted by Foxborough Universalist Church. Please visit their website: www.uufoxborough.org for more information about the service topic, service format (online / in-person), and any COVID health safety guidelines.

Service Description:

We gather regularly for a combined service at one of the 5 Points Cluster UU congregations. This Sunday, the service will be hosted by Foxborough Universalist Church.

Five Points Cluster shared worship service “Poetry Sunday,” in observation of Thanksgiving,

Foxborough Universalist Church, 6 Bird Street, Foxborough.

During Poetry Sunday, congregants and friends from Cluster churches share poems that inspire them and provide meaning to their life. This service is curated and led by Ellen Cosgrove. The service begins at 10:00 am in person or on Zoom https://zoom.us/j/99021807362. If you are joining in person, you are invited to stay for coffee hour after services. For more information, see: www.uufoxborough.org

First Parish Stoughton will be closed.