How Do You Express Your Creativity?

Service Description:

As individuals and as a community, we are endowed with the ability to create, to imagine, and to innovate. Creativity is a powerful force that allows us to express ourselves, connect with others, and transform the world around us. This collaborative service aims to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of creativity in our lives. Creativity can be seen in the brushstrokes of a painting, the melody of a song, the words of a poem–and it can also be found in acts of compassion, in the way we solve problems, and in the connections we make with others. Creativity is a universal gift that is inherent in all of us, waiting to be unleashed. Let us embrace the challenges and joys of creativity, knowing that it is a powerful force that can transform ourselves and our world. 

Led by the Worship Committee.

We invite you all to participate in this service. Please talk to Elisa Blanchard, Jasmine Tanguay, or Brenda Neagle if you would be interested in sharing for 2-3 minutes about how you express your creative self.

NOTE: This service will meet in person and also be broadcast on Zoom. Facemasks are currently optional in the First Parish Stoughton building. For the health of all in our community, please attend online if you are ill.

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