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Service Description:

“Weaving Insights” – Eric Studer  

Description: As February draws to a close and a new political reality continues to dawn, we will consider the deeper intelligence taught by the mundane task of card/tablet weaving. Looking back on our lives, we see a patterned band shaped by the people we have encountered, the challenges we have faced, the help we have received. How can this inform the way we choose to interact with the world today and going forward? Join us for a winding reflection on being and a celebration of a bronze-age technology. 

Bio: Eric Studer has been a member at First Parish for several years, serves on the Board of Trustees, and is an active member of the B&G Subcommittee and Communications Committee. Eric draws deep satisfaction from watching how systems function, and wallows in complexities through his professional work as an energy efficiency consultant and in his personal life via many “homesteading” pursuits.

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