Each week, a member of the Social Action Committee brings attention to one of our 7 Unitarian Universalist Principles and how it is being enacted at First Parish, in our larger community, or in our wider world.

We think about how, as a community, we help each other:

  • Value the Dignity & Worth of All People
  • Treat Everyone with Fairness & Compassion
  • Grow Spiritually Through Observation & Questioning
  • Explore New Ideas & Perspectives
  • Ensure That All Have a Say in Matters that Concern Them
  • Strive for a World Community of Peace, Liberty & Justice
  • Learn from & Care for Our Planet’s Interdependent Web of Life
  • NEW! Principle #8 being discussed and considered: Build a Diverse, Multicultural Beloved Community by Dismantling Racism and Other Oppressions