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Sunday Services

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First Parish Stoughton offers Sunday Services, with speakers who present about a wide variety of topics. Past speakers include minsters, academics, activists, poets, musicians, farmers, historians, and “regular people” with something interesting … read more.

Christmas Eve Illumination

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Join us at First Parish Stoughton for Yule Bonfires, Hot Beverages & Cookies at 6:00, followed by a non-denominational Candle Light Carols Service (indoors) at 7:00. (If the weather is bad, the 6:00 gathering will be indoors in the downstairs Fellowship Hall.) All are … read more.

“A Gift from the Gods?” – Rev. Rob Kinslow

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“A Gift from the Gods?” – Rev. Rob Kinslow
Maybe the stories of Christmas and Hanukkah have magic in them for a reason—we were meant to remain mystified by certain events and, indeed, much of what surrounds us. On this mid-December Sunday, we’ll look at … read more.

“On War and Peace and My Path to Buddhism”, 5 Points Cluster Service, hosted by First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Canton

This service is hosted by First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Canton. Please visit their website: for details about the service topic, service format (online / in-person), and any COVID health safety guidelines.

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Five Points Cluster shared worship service “On War and Peace and … read more.